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Our Mission

Calx Energetics is a research and development company. Our innovations for industry utilise the latest discoveries in science and technology, to develop technologies that are more environmentally responsible, more efficient. Industry uptake of "green" technologies is most likely when it is also economically advantageous.

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How We Operate

Calx Energetics does not manufacture or sell products. We work with information and intellectual property, through licencing of our intellectual property, technical consultation and co-development. We work in a variety of flexible formats with manufacturers, other R and D organisations and government bodies.

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Fields of Expertise

All technologies developed by Calx Energetics incorporate some aspect of "green" technology. We have particular expertise in solar thermal capture, industrial heat recycling, carbon dioxide capture, fluid dynamics, molten hydrated salts, and chemical processes relating to limestone.

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Partnering with us offers many benefits

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Each technology developed by Calx Energetics is utterly unique and fills a market niche that no other product does. Stepping into the future with our ground-breaking technologies that utilise the latest in materials and processes technologies, ensures that your company will be leading where others will follow.


With utilisation of solar technologies, renewable and biodegradable resources, clean processes and lower energy consumption, all our technologies offer opportunities for your company to take advantage of environmental incentives and achieve more impressive environmental credentials.


Technologies developed by Calx Energetics afford significant energy savings and lower running costs, compared to similar products. We aim to provide more environmentally sound technologies at a price at least comparable to existing technologies, so our products offer multiple savings and incentives.


Our suite of ground-breaking technologies can be arranged in a range of configurations to suit your requirements, and our design team will devote themselves to customising your solution. Our flexible licencing and intellectual property access options allows us to construct a package that fits your budget and cash flow requirements.



Contact us

Australia: (07) 4038 2292
Malaysia: (010) 529 1912

Business hours (R & D Centre)

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